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Investigation of the mechanisms of reactions of the human body to external physical influences, in order to develop algorithms for the possibility of treatment and rehabilitation

  • Researches on assessment of tissues reaction on surgical interventions using heat impact of high frequency currents and aimed at minimization of thermal damaging;
  • Establishment of the typical impedance healthy and invaded biotissues; oncologic tumors; benign tumors; fistulas, and other neoplasms; to minimize sizes of biotissues to be extracted during surgical intervention;
  • Researches of possibility to affect nerve terminals aimed at termination of blocking throat muscles in case of obstructive sleep apnea during sleeping and without patient (person) wakening;
  • Researches on determining values of admitted magnetic fields affecting on brain neuro-glial fields, aimed at rehabilitation of patients in the after-stroke period;
  • Researches on determining the light and audio effects on receptors at frequency difference close to the frequencies of α, β, γ, δ cerebrum rhythms aimed at stimulating cerebrum neuron fields;
  • Researches on establishing values of tactile effects on patient’s extremities (hands and legs) with difference in frequencies affection;
  • Researches on establishing a possibility of vibration effects on cerebrum glia within the wide range of frequencies aimed at recovery of the cerebrum functions;
  • Researches on determining frequency values and a form of magnetic effects on cerebrum hypophysis aimed at reduction of the glucose (sugar) content in blood
  • Determining parameters of the magnetic fields effects on the red marrow with the aim to stimulate blood formation process after chemotherapy courses applied in oncology;
  • Researches on characteristics of physical effects on trophic wounds typical for diabetes mellitus aimed at reduction of the healing period;
  • Researches on efficiency of aspiration systems application in case of draining surgical wounds (fistulas);
  • Researches on evaluating parameters of vibration effects on joints and muscular tissues aimed at treating arthritis and arthrosis;
  • Researches aimed at determining optimal characteristics of postsurgical wound dilators;
  • Researches on testing new technical examination methods for medical devices;