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The Time, times, Physics of the time, present, past, future, physical time, time skeleton, perceived Time, ethnic time, mysticism of time, magnetic particles, magnetic fi eld, time disruptions, religious time, strata, magnetic fl ows, the Sun.

In this book the author represents the novel analysis of understanding such broad notion as the Time applicable to its various aspects: psychological, mystical, physiological, and physical; as well the valuation of probable transformation of this term and its meaning.

The author highlights the concept of the space arrangement, at least within the Solar system, where the Time is considered as a primary physical component supported by the energy from objects atom structures.

In addition the work includes an independent investigation of the physical Time and its contradistinction from the perceived Time of humans and all living beings. Time materialization provides a specific approach to examination of various physical laws and electromagnetic processes that have place in the brain and organism of human and other objects of the material world. In addition there is the detailed discussion of spiritual, religious, and mystical aspects of the Time.

The author demonstrates possible transportation of the electromagnetic characteristic of the human within the Time applicable to the known world, as well as the probable correction of the Future using strong magnetic flows. This monograph is intended to everyone interested in issues of the Time and its various aspects, as well as to researchers in physics of “live” systems.