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In this particular writing there was made an attempt to explain the structure of the Universe on the basis of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) transformation, its “circulation”, including ultralow frequencies, and was called by the author an ultralow frequency EMP (ULF EMP). The World of the Worlds structure, time as the physical and human factor, the necessity of the germ of life (different civilizations) using different physical laws, national languages, the Word in general, and the ULF EMP radiation of the human brain, the origin of the Solar system and Earth, ULF EMP of the Earth atmosphere, Future of the energetic and Human in general are considered in question.

The offered book describes characteristics of the material and living world’s interaction by means of EMP. Thus, the conception of two times was considered: physical and subjective, human one. It should be noted that physical laws are the united code both for the elementary particles and for the ordinary structures of our World, global and space subjects of the study. Efforts to explain some processes occurring at the system of nuclear structures (or any other structures) by “special laws” are of temporary nature and lead to united physical regularities in future.

Laws of cavitations, osmosis, electromagnetic radiation, atomic and molecular influence and others are to be molecular processes (dynamics of the physical world) and may be lead to the single dispensation law – the law of the everlasting ULF EMP and particles born and transformed by this radiation.

The book is meant for extensive sweep of researchers.