This paper describes low intensity magnetic flows and their changes that constitute an essential component of the human existence on the Earth. It contains parameters of interaction of neurons inside the man’s brain from dendrites to a neuron’s body through axons, synapses, and nodes of Ranvier, using frequency modulations and decoding of such modulations, as well connection of sensor systems and neuron systems. The author represents a reasonable explanation to the influence of magnetic flows to functionality of the neuron networks, through sending electric signals to axons, dendrites, and the neuron’s body. In addition, this paper introduces the notion MAGNETOBIOSPHERE, as an interlayer inside other well-known spheres, which is the place of regulation of all systems of a human’s organism. It is an area, where everything for a human begins and ends. The author offers variants of how to compensate shortages of the Earth magnetism, as well as probable ways or treatment of various people’s deceases using low intensity magnetic flows with frequency modulations from 0 to several hundreds of Hertz. This monograph is intended for researchers specializing in living systems, biomedical education, and for students of technical and medical universities.