Главная > Carrying out of developmental works > Prometeus, the electrosurgical apparatus for emergency surgery

Prometeus the electrosurgical apparatus designed in CJSC SibNIITsMT is competitive with other similar products of various global manufacturers represented at the medical equipment market due to the following features:

  • Extended functionality including the argon reinforced coagulation, quality control over the indifferent electrode application, auto power-off function, etc.
  • Usability and easy parameters setting using a touch screen
  • Reliability and safe use due to the continuous self-testing and control of the apparatus output parameters

The following can be referred to the positive effects of the working over frequency, and optimization of loading characteristics for each mode:

  • Improved efficiency of surgery intervention
  • Accelerated coagulation of organs with major bleeding
  • Absence of relapses and complications
  • A possibility to obtain high-grade samples for histologic examinations within the shortest possible time