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Issue of the hematopoiesis stimulation in treatment of anemia caused by after-effects of chemotherapy courses applied in oncology plays a significant role as the normal functioning the blood-formation system is corrupted. Currently, the magnetic fields-based stimulation is widely used in treating various diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissues. This apparatus is designed to stimulate the blood-formation system via stimulating blood-formation process by magnetic fields with variable properties.
There were performed preliminary animal tests.
Application of this system made it possible to improve the leucocyte cell generation by 1.43, granulocyte cells – by 1.9, lymphocytes – by 1.76, thrombocytes – by 1.07, and erythrocytes – by 1.4 times.
Innovative aspects:
Biotechnical hematopoiesis stimulation system performs the noninvasive affection on blood-formation areas using a low-power magnetic field. Action parameters provide absence of side-effects if compared with medicinal agents, and a risk of the blood-formation system habituation is obsoleted by application of the frequency and amplitude deviations for the produced signals. Flexible system adjustment makes it possible to modify parameters of the field effect within the wide range.

The apparatus if offered for production in several solutions:

  • For medical institutions;
  • For in-home use