Главная > Carrying out of developmental works > Construction and development of the technology for stimulating fields memory and the hippocampus during the post-stroke period (SPPGM)

Very often strokes or brain infactions cause damages in cerebra neuron fields and hippocampus neurons, and thus cause impairments in the short-term and the long-term memory. Below is represented the technical system and the technique of the cerebra impact designed to recover the neurons fields memory in the hippocampus. The system’s operating principle is based on using the magnetic stimulation by small magnetic fields of approx. 1-2 mT, and impacting signals with various characteristics and maximally approximated to α, Δ, Θ, β of the cerebra rhythms; as well as by the light-color-audio impact by various signals based on the frequencies differential close to the cerebral rhythms and applied to the receptor systems of a patient