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Today vibration therapy is widely used in traumatology and orthopedics to treat locomotor system diseases. The idea of the effecting method is the transfer of mechanical energy into bio-tissues. The energy saturated by the bio-tissue transforms into thermal and then is distributed within the patient’s body and provides positive effect. Recently, a new direction appeared in vibration therapy: extracorporal shockwave therapy (hereinafter, EUVT). This technique implies to apply high-frequency shockwaves to effect on bio-tissues. Such shockwave is able to influence on tissues by stimulating processes of microcirculation and regeneration. This supports to reduce pain syndrome, increase blood circulation in application area, to lose lime-deficient parts of joints with further dispersion of fragments, as well as to activate salts excretion from the zones of their depositing. Local temperature increase in tissues fastens regenerative processes and prevents inflammation from development. SibNIITsMT developed the radial vibration therapy device with enlarged frequency band and impact amplitudes that can be used in some areas of EUVT. The device consists of an electronic assembly, working section, power and connection cables, and a set of replaceable nozzles of various forms (4 pcs.). The offered device is very convenient and simple in application that makes it possible to use it for treating a great number of various musculoskeletal diseases.